How To Tone Your Muscles With The Flex Belt And Is It Effective?

flex belt resultsEvery man wants a six packs abs, every woman wants a slim abdomen, but getting that is not easy. You probably have to spend hours on the Gym or spend most of your time doing crunches, and if you are a busy individual, this would be near impossible. That’s why Flex belt was designed, to help you get what you want without having to commit to a strict workout program.

Flex is a medical grade toning tech, a belt you wear around your waist, and it’s made to sculpt your figure and muscles.

How To Enhance Abdominal Muscles With Flex Belt

The way Flex work is pretty simple but unique. Its medical grade technology produces impulses stimulating the nerves of the stomach and get them contracting and expanding, giving the same effects as someone doing 100 crunches every day or similar abdominal exercises. It contains electrodes that stimulate the brain and a gel pad. The gel pad is the very reason this belt work and the effectiveness of your toning session rely on the quality of a gel pad.

It’s recommended that you wear the belt for 30 minutes every day for the next four weeks or so. The 30 minutes makes it easy for anyone to get abs they need even on a busy schedule, and its perfect design makes it comfortable wearing at any time of the day. Alternatively, you can wear it 2-3 times a week for the next eight weeks.

Who Can Use This Belt?

Any woman and any man at any age can use this device. Professional athletes have found flex belt to be a fantastic addition, especially when recovering from injuries. It’s also a popular device for those with lower back pain. Many people are worried that it might not ...